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Delon R. Newman

creating simple solutions to complex problems

I'm a software engineer with a passion for helping people solve frustrating problems. Please take a look at my work.

What Others Say

Delon was proactive, broad-minded and customer-focused as a developer. His grasp and in-depth understanding of modern IT is admirable. He embraced the need for integrating security throughout the IT lifecycle—a refreshing attitude and much needed in today's highly dependent and interlinked systems.
—J.G., Information Security Officer, The Department of Veterans Affairs
To manage Delon you'll find out how strong communication works, "he get's it”.
—D. B., VP Executive Producer, Creative Director, The BCB Group
Delon is a very capable and knowledgeable programmer able to adapt proficiently and easily to various programming languages.... He is also not a "set-in-his-ways" programmer, but rather is ready to learn and apply new thoughts that pertain to a specific job. He is very easy going and works well in both solo and group settings.
—A. B., Java / Web Developer, Oceanic Time Warner Cable
...the high level of professional conduct, work ethic, and interpersonal communication skills. He is quick to grasp what is complex. He easily translates highly technical information to the non-programmer. He has an uncanny ability to see many creative programming approaches to a given task, and routinely presents choices that I often did not know were options.
—V. J., Study Coordinator, Pacific Health Research & Education Institute
My clients always give me great reviews about Delon, which is why I am always comfortable utilizing him time and time again. You can't go wrong with Delon!
—L. H., Personnel Manager, Altres Staffing
He always did a great job. Delon was trusted with many projects, assignments, and clients. He was able to complete projects with little to no supervision, was always personable and respectful of clients needs and deadlines. I give the highest recommendation for Delon.
—J. E., Branch Manager, Robert Half Technology