Community College Urgently Needs Data Integration

01 November 2018
Data-Engineering ETL EDI-834 Java Jenkins SQL
Screenshot of Project: Community College Urgently Needs Data IntegrationPhoto by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash


To save on rising health insurance costs Central New Mexico Community College was moving toward providing insurace for their staff directly rather than through a broker. To do this they needed to transfer the data of thousands of staff members to the insurance carriers, and they would need to do this on an ongoing basis. After a couple of failed attempts, time was getting short for pulling this off.


After taking the weekend to learn the EDI 834 standard, a framework was developed the following week for generating EDI 834 data. Using the queries that had been developed in the earlier attempts as a basis, scripts were written that extracted the employee information and generated the EDI 834 data that would be used for transfer. That week the data was sent to the first carrier. In the following weeks bugs were worked out, the process was automated, and the other carriers were brought online. The result was a high quality integration delivered on time.