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Seasoned Software Engineer & Systems Analyst who's able to help clients complete stalled projects, design & deliver user-friendly applications, and work through tough data-oriented problems. He's creative and detail-oriented. He loves to share his experience, learning and war stories with clients, students and mentees.


  • Over 23 years of professional experience
  • Over 9 years of experience in Healthcare
  • Able to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical personnel
  • Can help you reason through tough problems
  • Experienced tech lead, mentor & teacher
  • Able to design & build user-friendly data-oriented applications
  • Polyglot developer (able to adapt to new languages and technologies)
  • Enjoys working with arcane data formats (e.g. EDI)
  • System integration & automation
  • System architecture & design
  • Most experienced with the Ruby, JavaScript & Java/JVM ecosystems

Work History

  • Delon R. Newman—Software, Training and Design, Sole Proprietor

    3/2021 - Present—Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Consulting & contracting as a software engineer. Developing data-oriented software products. Mentoring programmers at all levels of experience. Also, volunteer time each week toward building systems to assist with coordinating community outreach.

    • Implemented NLP service that makes use of Named Entity Recognition, and pattern matching to improve the usability of clients provider search.
    • Upgraded legacy Rails application from Rails 3 to 5.2, and from Ruby 2.4 to 2.7, created an API, and a new Svelte UI. Saved the organization many developer hours since the alternative was to rewrite the application from scratch.
    • Quickly implemented an open source Ruby extension for handlebars.js compatibility and integrated into a large legacy Rails application. This enabled the clients dev team to use their new M1 MacBooks (
    Ruby TypeScript JavaScript Rails Node.js HTMX React Svelte C Clojure REST AWS Natural Language Processing Docker Git PostgreSQL Heroku Honeybadger Slack Teams Zoom
  • University of New Mexico Hospitals, Web Analyst III

    3/2019 - 3/2021—Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Initially worked as a contractor (from 3/2019—9/2019). Served as a senior developer on a team of nine.

    • Coached junior developers on principles of computer programming, and computer science; helped them through challenges they deal with in their day-to-day work.
    • Developed and maintained an extensible application for clinic logging and workflow that helped to deal with some logistical challenges during the pandemic.
    • Within a few months helped bring a project to completion that had been stalled for over three years—an application for creating and administering surveys which enables users to create ad-hoc reports on received data.
    • Quickly (in one month) developed a clean & user-friendly time-tracking application during pandemic to facilitate remote workers.
    • Built a simple iOS application to provide hardware access for a web application that’s used from iPad kiosks
    • Created a compiler for converting ColdFusion applications into Ruby applications
    Ruby Ruby on Rails JRuby JavaScript Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Docker Git Gitlab Perl Debian Ubuntu iOS Swift ColdFusion Splunk Zoom
  • Various Companies, Freelance Programmer

    9/1999 - 9/2019—Connecticut, Hawai'i, New Mexico

    Got started at 18 years old writing a data conversion script in Perl for his mother’s client in the manufacturing industry. Has worked for his own clients as well as the clients of recruiters (e.g. Robert Half Technology, Altres and TEKSystems). Clients have included small businesses, universities, and large organizations (e.g. University of New Mexico Hospitals, Central New Mexico Community College, The Department of Veterans Affairs, Time Warner & Master Card) across industries (e.g. retail, marketing, health care, education, research, non-profit) in Connecticut, Hawaii and New Mexico.

    • Projects included everything from small websites and console applications to large multi-tier systems.
    • Has been called upon to advise business leaders.
    • Implemented a Java & Groovy based health insurance integration for a college which involved creating complex SQL queries, implemented a custom EDI 834 generator (had to learn the EDI 834 standard over a weekend), and implemented a scheduled upload to the insurance company.
    • With minimal JavaScript experience at the time built JavaScript heavy dashboards and backend Java code for a multi-tier system that read sensors in heavy equipment, boats, yachts, and recreational vehicles.
    • The first and only time using Flash & ActionScript converted a Flash animation from the website of an aerospace company into a trade show display adding a ticker tape display whose message (which could be edited by a user) would transition between the ticker tape and the original Flash animation/video.
    • Worked on a Java based VoIP heads up display system for a telecommunications company that they had implemented for their help desk staff. It was intermittently crashing without reporting errors. Adding logging, a test suite and cleaning up the code greatly reduced the crashing and errors were then reported.
    Ruby Ruby on Rails Java JavaScript Perl PHP C# VBA Python JRuby Clojure ClojureScript Groovy Oracle MySQL Linux Jenkins Docker EDI 834
  • Pacific Health Research & Education Institute, Data Manager

    1/2013 - 1/2016—Honolulu, Hawai'i

    Performed duties as a member of a research team for a NIH diabetes study (GRADE) including meeting with patients, processing lab specimens, etc. Also, served as IT liaison for the team, and developed custom software to improve day-to-day operations as well as many small scripts and programs for impromptu reporting and data analysis.

    • Developed a workflow and case management system with built-in reporting, scheduling and EHR features.
    • Developed an application that interfaced with a legacy console application (VistA), parsed text reports and generated PDF reports performing tasks in seconds that previously took hours.
    Ruby Java JavaScript Clojure Datomic PostgreSQL Git SSH PuTTY VistA Microsoft SQL Server Windows Linux Ubuntu HIPAA Compliance Scheduling System EHR/EMR Workflow Business Process Management Healthcare Health Reseach Health Technology
  • Pacific Health Research & Education Institute, Programmer / Analyst

    12/2009 - 12/2011—Honolulu, Hawai'i

    Served as staff programmer on two NIH cancer studies (PLCO and NLST).

    • Developed custom data management, workflow and case management applications as well as many small scripts and programs for impromptu reporting and data analysis.
    • Developed methods for dealing with some very complex logistical constraints imposed on the studies.
    • Added a feature to Ruby’s “gem” command to install gems from a directory. This was necessary since the study’s computers were not allowed to connect to the internet (see
    Ruby Ruby on Rails Sinatra Perl Python Qt JavaScript C# Windows Presentation Foundation Git SSH PuTTY MySQL REST Microsoft Access VBA with Excel Windows Windows Server Ubuntu Linux Outlook HIPAA Compliance Health Research